Christmas Islands (CX)

  • Land Christmas Islands
  • Continent: Australia & Oceania
  • Area: 135 kmĀ²
  • Population: 1,600
  • Capital city: Flying Fish Cove
  • ISO code: CX
  • National language: English, Chinese, Malayo-Polynesian
  • International dialing code: +6724
  • Currency: Australian Dollar
  • License plate number: CX
  • Alternative spelling: Ilha Christmas
  • Flight routes from Christmas Islands: 13
  • Flight routes to Christmas Islands: 36
  • Popular airports: Christmas Island (XCH)
  • Large cities: Waterfall, South Point, Settlement, Flying Fish Cove, Drumsite

Christmas Islands travel guide (Australia & Oceania)

Christmas Island (Territory of Christmas Island) covers an area of 135 square km in the Indian Ocean and belongs politically to Australia. First discovered in 1643 by Europeans, England began colonising Christams island in 1888. The island was passed to Australia in 1958. The population is made up of 61% Chinese, 25% Malays and 11% Europeans. Large areas of the island are under conservation and there is a very large national park. The red land crabs are especially famous and flock from forest to sea every year in November to lay their eggs in the ocean.

Geography. The island is south of Java and approx. 2,300 km to the north of Perth. It measures 135 sq km and consists of volcanic rock (trachyte and basalt), and limestone which is derived from the skeletal remains of foraminifera and corals (Scleractinia). From a depth of 2,000 m below sea level, Christmas island rises to a height of about 350 m above sea level.

Capital. Flying Fish Cove was established in 1888 as the first British settlement on the island and is the capital of Christmas Island with 2,700 inhabitants. The small harbour in the capital is used primarily by yachts. There is also a small airport called Christmas Island Airport (XCH).

Religion. 50% of the island's population are Buddhist, with around 14% Christians and 10% Muslims. The main languages on the island are English, Chinese and Malay.

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