Montenegro (ME)

  • Land Montenegro
  • Continent: Europe
  • Area: 13,812 km²
  • Population: 715,250
  • Capital city: Podgorica
  • ISO code: ME
  • National language: Serbian
  • International dialing code: +382
  • Currency: Euro
  • License plate number: MNE
  • Flight routes from Montenegro: 602
  • Flight routes to Montenegro: 680
  • Popular airports: Podgorica (TGD), Tivat (TIV)
  • Large cities: Ulcinj, Tivat, Dobrota, Kotor, Budva, Danilovgrad, Šušanj, Bijela, Stari Bar, Žabljak, Spuž, Mojanovići, Mataguži, Šula, Prnjavor
  • Airlines based in Montenegro: Montenegro Airlines

Montenegro travel guide (Europe)

The Republic of Montenegro is a Balkan country on the Adriatic Sea bordering on Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania. The islands Ada and Sveti Stefan are also part of Montenegro. Montenegro's independence on 3rd June 2006 ended Montenegro's union with Serbia. Montenegro literally means “black mountain” and in recent years, Montenegro has developed into a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful coastline and mountainous interior. The many traces of the Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and Habsburg past also document the extraordinary cultural diversity of the country.

Geography. Montenegro is a mountainous country with a relatively low population density and a steep and rugged coastline. The highest mountain in the country is Bobotov Kuk measuring 2522 metres (1000 feet). It is located in the Durmitor National Park, which since 1980 has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The longest river is the Tara with a length of about 150 km (80 miles) while the Skadar Lake, with approximately 391 km ², is the largest lake in Montenegro.

Climate. The climate is subtropical on the coast with warm summers and mild winters in the interior. In the mountains on the other hand, the climate is sub-Mediterranean with hot summers and cold winters.

Tourist traffic
. Montenegro has two international airports in Tivat and Podgorica. Flights to Podgorica are operated by Jat airways for example from London Heathrow. Flights to Montenegro form the UK usually involve one stopover.

Montenegro is also connected to its neighbouring countries by the Danube. Major ports in the country are Bar, Kotor and Zelenika. Ferries from Italy to Bar and Kotor are operated by Montenegro Lines and Azzurra Line.

Capital. Podgorica (Cyrillic Подгорица), formerly Titograd, with about 140,000 inhabitants, is the capital city of Montenegro. The city is located in the mountains and is the cultural and economic centre of the country. Worth seeing is St. George's Church dating from the 10th century, the clock tower, the old bridge, the Citadel and many old mosques from the Ottoman period. The ancient archaeological site of the Roman town of Duklja near Podgorica is also worth a visit. Tourist attractions include the palace, a bridge and graves with Latin inscriptions.

Tourist attractions. Besides the beautiful coastal towns of Kotor, Budva, Perast and the splendid beaches and impressive city walls, visitors to Montenegro can also enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Probably the most beautiful natural attraction in the country is the National Park Biogradska Gora. It is one of the last original forests and the second oldest national park in Europe. The view into the deep canyon of the Tara is spectacular. After the Grand Canyon in the US, it is the second largest canyon in the world with a length of about 80 km and a depth of 1,300 m. The canyon connects the two national parks Biogradska Gora and Lovcen and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1980.

Another site of natural beauty is the Bay of Kotor. The fjord area has a length of 106 km and is home to ancient settlements and beautiful monasteries. The bay is the area that is most densely covered by religious sites in the entire Mediterranean region.

Perast is a wonderful town on this coast and definitely worth a visit. Perast is special not only due to the picturesque landscape and the Parish church of St. Nicholas from the 15th Century, which is the landmark of the city. Fine gold and silver belong t the treasures of the church. The city of Kotor, which is surrounded by ancient city walls and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979, is particularly worth seeing along with the city tower of 1602 and the two city gates Vrata and Mora. The town of Budva and its many beautiful beaches offers a lively nightlife with many clubs, bars and taverns.

Religion. Montenegro is a Christian country with a few orthodox Roman Catholic and Muslim believers.

Major cities in Montenegro:
Podgorica, Bijelo Polje, Bar, Cetinje and Tivat.